The Journey Within Master Class Series

Hosted by Dagmar


The Journey Of Learning How To Bend Reality

Access & Heal Your Traumas

Rise Above Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Overwhelm

Heal Loss

Release Blocks

Free Yourself To Speak Your Truth

Stop The Self-Sabotage & Procrastination

Learn How To Let Go


(regular value $1200)

Your payment will automatically register you for the Master Class Series.  The start date for the class will be approximately in 3 weeks. 

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This master class will help you tap into the most powerful parts of yourself and teach you how to change your vibration and bend reality. 

Most of us don’t live our soul purpose because of different show stoppers like fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, blocks, emotional overwhelm and so forth.  

Unfortunately, our world reflects not what is possible, but what we carry in our vibration.  And if it is fear we carry, then the world will meet us with the same resistance and confirm our fear.


You will learn:

About Ascension and what you absolutely must do to ascend.

About the Emotional Vibrational Tone Scale and how to rise in tone level.

What is true Healing all about. And how to speed up the natural process of healing.

How to work with your Subconscious Mind.

How to access and heal your pain and trauma.

How to read your Reality Mirror and utilize it to your benefit.

How to facilitate a healing on yourself.


What you will learn in this master class series will help you overcome any and every block you encounter, release all your negative emotions and anything that is holding you back from living to your fullest potential for many years to come.  


May your journey be blessed,