Hosted by Dagmar

Rising To Joy

Understanding The Vibrational Tone Scale

Let's Transmute The Heaviness Of Pain Into Lightness

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What would life feel like when the smallest things would always bring you JOY?

Let me show you how you can rise on the vibrational tone scale… all the way to JOY.

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LIVE 60 min Talk & Healing Ceremony


September 8, 2021 11:00 AM

Mountain Standard Time


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You are a powerful spiritual being who manifests your reality 24/7.  

And yet, here is the reason why you may not be experiencing life in joyful way.   


We experience life based on the level of tone at which we are vibrating.

The higher our tone, the better our experience.  

In the lower tones, life can be difficult and feel like suffering.

Unfortunately, in life certain things cause us to fall in tone 

while other things can cause us to rise in tone.   

I quite often hear, how can I get back up to JOY?   

And inevitably that person seems to be stuck in the lower vibrations of suffering.

We can all fall, but the key is to master your rise on the tone scale.

Come learn and experience and become a master of your life.

May your journey be blessed,