Journey Into The Deeper Parts Of Yourself

A Six Week Journey of Shadow Work

with Arial Quantum Healing & Sacred Wisdom Teachings

Hosted by Dagmar

Feel Better! - Live Expansively!

What is hiding in your shadows?

Trauma, Abuse, Including Your Childhood

Fear, Anger, Guilt & Shame

Loss & Abandonment

Blocks & All That Is Holding You Back

Fear of Success & Failure

Inability To Speak Your Truth, Loss Of Your Voice

Unjustly Accused, Attacked, Judged, Rejected

Self-Sabotage & Procrastination

Inability To Let Go 

Feeling Stuck

Depression, Overwhelm, Lack of Motivation & Focus

Anxiety, Negative Thoughts

Worthiness, Lack of Value, Not Being Enough

Relationship Issues

The rewards of Shadow Work are quite profound.  It allows you to change your self-sabotaging behavior so you can live a more self-directed life.   

A quote by Connie Zweig.

And that, my friends, is quite an understatement! 

I dare you to experience it!

Turn Your Pain Into Your Strength

Sacred Teachings Include

Shadow Work with Arial Quantum Healing

Soul Wisdom To Understand Yourself Better

Identifying Your Shadows & Your Triggers

Interpreting Your Reality Mirror

Working With Your Subconscious Mind

Guided Healing Meditations &

Opportunities To Experience Transformation

Who Is It For?

Souls of the Dark Night

Souls of the Dark Night

If you are going through a Spiritual Awakening and are experiencing Dark Night of the Soul, this is the perfect program for you!  

There is no need to be stuck in your pain longer than you need to be.  

In this program you’ll be able to experience moving yourself out of your shadows into your light.  You’ll be able to identify the root cause of the problem and permanently resolve the issue. 

Sensitive Empaths

If you are a sensitive empath who feels too much and can’t be around people because of emotional overwhelm, this is an amazing program for you!

There is being sensitive in your ability to read people and situations.  And then there is being sensitive by being affected by the energy of others.   Some go so far as to say that the sensitivity of an empath is a gift and a curse. 

I believe your sensitivity to read people is a gift, but the other part of your sensitivity is related to the unresolved parts of yourself that need resolution and healing.  It is usually accompanied by heavy energy, anxiety and emotional overwhelm.  The key is to distinguish between the two different sensitivities because they are rooted in a very different source.

 In this program you will experience transmuting that heavy energy into lightness, so that you can feel at ease with yourself, being able to stay in the present and centered, while amidst a crowd of people without being effected.  

Sensitive Empaths

Twin Flames

Twin Flames

If you had the pleasure of having met your Twin Flame and experiencing this divine bond of unconditional love and at the same time the unnerving intensity that comes along with it, which perhaps has tossed your world upside down, or left your heart aching in separation, this program is perfect for you!

There is a reason you have met your Twin Flame and, I can assure you, it is not chocolates and candle light dinners, but rather Spiritual Awakening, Transformation, and Growth.  There is a higher purpose.  There is a reason you are here on planet earth, at this particular time during Ascension.   While your Twin Flame has come to your aid, it is up to you to do the actual work.

 In this program you will experience the art, science of delving into the deeper parts of yourself and do the inner healing and transformational work you need in order to achieve the growth necessary to move forward in your soul’s journey. 


If you are a lightpreneur and are already engaging in helping people, but you are still fighting your own battles and perhaps you don’t have the clientele you need, this program is absolutely for you! 

Only too often have I seen ligthpreneurs spent thousands of dollars on business coaches and not get the result they were seeking.  Why?  Because you have to be a vibrational match to what you want in your business.  Your business will never outgrow you. 

As a lightpreneur you also must be able to sustain a higher vibration to be able to help your clients move up into that vibration.  You don’t want your clients to be triggering you into your unresolved past.

Your ability to sustain the higher vibrations requires deeper inner soul work of integration, transformation and growth.  Thus as a lightpreneur it is an absolute must to work on your shadow self! 

In this program you will get to dive deeper into the inner parts of yourself and learn how to make the proper adjustments to become the desired vibrational match.  


Here is what you'll get

Six Weeks of:

  • Lectures and Lessons
  • Homework and Instructions
  • Powerful Guided Healing Meditations
  • Opportunities to explore the Deeper Parts of Your Self & Experience Transformation
  • Access everything Online from anywhere in the World
  • Learn & Transform from the Comfort of your Home 
  • Your Time Investment each week is approx. 1-2 Hours
  • Work at your Own Pace
  • Interactive with opportunities to answer your Questions
  • Continued Access to all the Information for up to 6 Months
  • Get as Many Guided Healings as you can possibly do

Break The Chains Of Your Past


Dagmar Oktabcova


I’m an International Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Author & Speaker.  I’m the creator of my own healing modality Arial Quantum Healing, which consists of Quantum Healing, Akashic Field and Multi-Dimensional Healing, Past Life Regressions, Soul Repair, Soul Wisdom, Twin Flame Healing, Healing with Colors and Energies such as Unconditional Love.


I’ve been in the field of Healing for 15+ years and have helped countless number of people improve their lives. 


I’m also the founder of Advanced Healers Academy where I teach my ancient spiritual wisdom, the power of the divine feminine, Arial Quantum Healing and where I train Advanced Healers in vibration and skill set.  


I’m also a visionary.  I’ve lived all over the world and have a very broad and unique perspective on life.  I understand the bigger picture.  I’m well versed in the Ascension Process and what it takes for us to rise into the higher vibrations and dimensions.  I understand how to change vibration to create a different reality.


It is  my privilege to be here experiencing the biggest global energetic shift with you and it is my soul purpose and passion to support you in your journey.  


Much Love, 


What People Are Saying

Clips from the last Shadow Work Journey.  Play time is about 2 min. 

From The Last Shadow Work Journey


If anyone is on the fence about this, do it! It is worth every penny.  Dagmar teaches you how to heal and release allllll the ‘stuff’ you’ve been carrying with you your whole life and it’s easy to do!  

               Heather Strayer


As part of Dagmar’s 6 Week Shadow Work Journey I have achieved some amazing results after only 3 weeks.  My main life long issue has been feeling disconnected from myself and my emotions, thus not truly living life, while not accepting my disconnection on a deeper level.  Now I feel more centered, more connected, and at peace, and much less subject to being triggered.  I feel I am on the right path.  Thank you, Dagmar

               Raluca Salcudean

Other Testimonials

Shifting Energy

“Working with Dagmar expanded my awareness of how connected we are to all things. I am now much more inclined to solve problems from the inside out. I am still amazed at how things fell into place once I shifted my energy, not doing anything different. The world aligned with my new vibration. I am more at peace within myself and I don't fret the small stuff anymore. I feel so much better about myself and I can express myself more freely. I opened up to the best of who I am.
Diane Erps

Resolving Health Issues

“I have been struggling with the effects of Lyme disease for over ten years. The longtime illness broke my spirit and made me lose confidence in my body’s ability to be strong and healthy. Since working with Dagmar for the past few months I have rapidly improved and have learned so many incredible lessons along the way! My amazing journey of transformation with Dagmar has also brought me much closer with my husband, my son and even other family members. I feel so much more connected to myself, my spirit, the source of my intuition. I now feel empowered to lead a more authentic and meaningful life. I have always felt like I had lived past lives, but nothing could have prepared me for actually observing and re-experiencing my past lives through my own subconscious. The lessons learned and the clarity gained through this process have been incredible. Prior to working with Dagmar I had done just about everything to treat not only the devastating symptoms of Lyme disease, but also the broken person I had become. Nothing has proven as valuable and effective to my healing, physically and emotionally, as the work I have done with Dagmar!

This Is What You've Always Wanted!

Take charge of your life.  Stop the struggle.  Get your vibration cleaned up, reconnect with your higher self, 

and start living the life of your dreams!

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