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Welcome to your member center, the central hub for all your information needs as you work on discovering and aligning with your authentic self.   


This is the portal to your success and to higher dimensions. 


If you need assistance, please email Dagmar directly at 


Welcome to your sacred center.  This is the hub for our 3 month journey together.  Here you will find everything you need for your journey of self-discovery and alignment with your true and most authentic essence. 


When in wholeness and unity with yourself, unencumbered by unresolved issues, you are energetically operating at your most optimum.   Your spiritual ability to manifest your desires is at its finest and most powerful, and your communication with the divine at its highest clarity.   

It is my honor and joy to be your guide on this most exhilarating voyage.   I commend you for being here and partaking in this life changing journey.  It takes courage to change.  

You are a very special and essential part of this Discover & Align with your Authentic Self tribe, contributing to its synergy.  While purposely kept small, our tribe is made up of powerful and amazing souls ready to meet and be their authentic selves, brining forth their unique light.  

We will set the stage for a lifetime of fulfillment and joy, free and full expression of our truth, living our divine destiny and soul purpose, and co-creating a world based in the high vibration of love.

I am looking forward to celebrating all that we will achieve together.

In love and light,


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Legal Disclaimer

Dagmar Oktabcova is not a Doctor.  She does not give medical advice and none of the information she presents is meant to convey medical advice or imply a Doctor/Patient relationship.  Dagmar does not assume responsibility for any issues arising out of the usage of her teachings and methods.

Dagmar facilitates what is known as Quantum Healing, Akashic Field Healing and/or Multi-Dimensional Healing. She uses her own developed process and methodology, which she calls Arial Quantum Healing. 


 It is a process which facilitates reconciliation deep within the soul, repair of the soul, spiritual growth, improving relationship with self, others, physical body and life itself, thus improving the individual’s circumstances and experiences.  While Dagmar facilitates the healing process and provides teaching and guidance, she does not heal the client.  The client heals themselves.  Ultimately, each individual has their own unique journey and is responsible for their special journey, growth, healing and how they experience life. 


While Arial Quantum Healing yields positive results, during the healing process the client may experience emotional and physical discomfort while processing unresolved issues.  Client may also experience resistance toward healing, which is normal in anticipation of confronting the unresolved.

Dagmar is not responsible for any success or failure you may experience. This legal disclaimer releases Dagmar Oktabcova and her company “Soul Matters, Inc.” from any legal obligation or binding contract implied or presumed. 

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