Aid in the Ascension Process!

Learn Quantum Healing!

Starts February 2020

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20 Week Basic Training

Important Notes


The training program includes working on you and priming your vibration for success 

as well as hands-on training facilitating Quantum Healing on others.

As healers and practitioners it is just as important to work on our selves.

  It increases our chance of success. 

It helps us be more neutral and objective when working with clients. 

We don’t get triggered by our clients and feel much more at peace. 

We can be of much better service to our clients. 


The program consists of partially private sessions and partially group sessions. 

You must be in the Denver area to participate in the group sessions.

For people who are not in the Denver area:

If you are long distance and can’t participate in the group sessions and are interested in learning Quantum Healing,

please connect with me and I’d be happy to work out a private custom program that fits your needs.

 You must be present in the Denver area to participate in the group sessions.

I can work with you long distance via Video Conferencing software. 

Experience & Learn

  • Quantum Healing
  • Multi-Dimensional Healing
  • Akashic Field Healing
  • Present & Past Life Regression
  • Repair of the Fractured Soul
  • Coming Back Into Wholeness


  • The Inner Workings of the Soul and it's Healing Process
  • How to work with the Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • How we Manifest our Reality with our Vibrational Energy
  • How to Interpret the Reality Mirror as it relates to our Core Issues
  • How our Unresolved Past affects us in the Present
  • How to Transform Pain into Wisdom
  • How to work with your Higher Self

Now with Guest Anjali

Experience Akashic Soul Development

Initial 6 weeks include:

The private healing sessions serve to help you heal your inner wounded warrior, overcome what is holding you back, become more objective, calm and confident, and to prime your vibration for success. 

  • 1 Evaluation
  • 6 Private Healing Sessions
  • 1 Akashic Soul Development Session with Anjali
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Phone, Text, or Email Support in between Sessions
  • Access to Guided Healing Meditation Videos

Next 14 weeks include:

The group sessions are intended to teach you how to facilitate healings with your clients.  You will alternate with a partner between receiving and facilitating healings under my supervision and training.

  • 12 Group Sessions
  • 2 Extra Private Sessions with Mentor
  • 2 Akashic Soul Development Sessions with Anjali
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Phone, Text, or Email Support in between Sessions
  • Access to AHA Training Videos
  • Certificate Of Completion


You will be required to complete 20 healings on your own time, in addition to the group session healings.

Benefits You'll be able to offer your Clients and Yourself

  • Relationship and Twin Flame Healing
  • Mental Health
  • Heal Trauma, PTSD, Loss, Fear, Anxiety, Anger
  • Money Issues
  • Self Development; Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence
  • Addictions & Attachments
  • Heal the Heart
  • Physical Health with an Organic and Holistic Approach
  • Permanently Eliminate Certain Chronic Pain
  • Eliminate Drama
  • Remove Blocks; Procrastination & Avoidance
  • Help Raise Personal Vibration
  • Stop Dysfunctional Patterns & Cycles of Abuse
  • Negative Emotions & Negative Self-Talk

...and so much more.

If you would like to learn more about Quantum Healing and your Mentor, and you have not seen my Master Webinar yet, watch below.

This program is worth $10,000+.

I paid $12,000 for an apprenticeship in cutting hair. 


Your investment for this entire 5 month program is only $4900.

Get started for as low as $1600 down. 

Payment plan is available.

Receive A Bonus

Akashic Soul Development sessions with Anjali!

Keep your soul on track with your Soul Purpose!


This is a steal deal for the amazing value you will receive.

As a spiritual healer, you can earn upwards of $100+/hour.  Be your own boss. 

Great addition to an already existing healer or intuitive coach practice!

Get results that western medicine is not able to get!

This is a new profession on the rise.  Distinguish yourself from others.  Be extra ordinary. 

This is a unique opportunity to learn the kind of soul wisdom that is not readily taught in the main stream. 

Up level yourself to the cutting edge of real transformation. 

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