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Quantum Healing


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Heal The Healer

Focus is on healing you… as a healer!

In this part of the program Dagmar will take you on your own personal journey into the deeper parts of yourself where you have never been before, including your own past life memories, and help you reconcile any soul conflict that is preventing you from pursuing your soul purpose and divine destiny.  It is about coming back into wholeness and unity in your body, mind and spirit. 

Heal and become confident, calm, neutral and objective.   Increase your chance of success by aligning your vibration with your authentic self.

Train The Healer

Train in Quantum Healing & Super Soul Wisdom!

In this part of the program you will learn how to facilitate Quantum Healing on your clients to get the desired results. 

You will learn how to work with the subconscious mind and how to help a client connect with their own deeper self that needs reconciliation and integration, that will help them create a profound healing in their body, mind and spirit. 

You will also learn how to identify a core issue based on the reality mirror to target a specific problem.  You will gain in depth understanding of how the soul works, how it processes pain, what happens when we don’t fully process pain and the meaning of real healing.  You will, for example, learn what causes us to develop allergies and how we can heal from them. 

You will develop confidence in your own ability as a healer by creating real results working with students and volunteers,  applying real soul wisdom and facilitating Quantum Healing. 

You can train to work in any and all of these areas:

Learn about Quantum Healing and your Mentor in this Master Webinar.

Experience & Learn


Heal The Healer

8 weeks include:

Cost: $1500

Prerequisite for Train The Healer

The private healing sessions focus on helping you heal your inner wounded warrior, overcome what is holding you back, become more objective, calm and confident, and to prime your vibration for success.   

Train The Healer

14 weeks include:

Cost: $3300

The group sessions are intended to teach you how to facilitate healings with your clients.  You will alternate with a partner between receiving and facilitating healings under your mentor’s supervision and training.  In case of no group, hands-on healing training will be practiced on volunteers. 


You will be required to complete 20 healings on your own time, in addition to the group session healings.

An interview with Dagmar, the founder of Advanced Healers Academy, to answer your questions about her new Quantum Healing Training Program; Heal The Healer & Train The Healer. 

The interviewer is Denise O’Maley, the founder of, a whole new way of doing wellness. 

Thank you, Denise O’Maley!!!

This program is easily worth $10,000+.

I paid $12,000 for an apprenticeship in cutting hair. 


Start with “Heal The Healer” for as low as $1500.

Continue with “Train The Healer” for only an additional $3300.


This is a steal of a deal for the amazing value you will receive.

As a spiritual healer, you can earn upwards of $100+/hour.  Be your own boss. 

Great addition to an already existing healer or intuitive coach practice!

Get results that western medicine is not able to get!

Get confident in your own healing abilities with real results!

This is a new profession on the rise.  Distinguish yourself from others.  Be extra ordinary. 

This is a unique opportunity to learn the kind of soul wisdom that is not readily taught in the main stream. 

Take your wellness practice to a whole new level!!!


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