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I will never forget when I hit a wall, right after my initial spiritual awakening, while entertaining the possibility of becoming a spiritual healer.  It is probably an understatement to say that the wall I hit was the size of the wall of China.  The fear was so paralyzing, I couldn’t even make a call […]

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These are pivotal times. We are fighting a war on a spiritual level that will determine our future. Winning this war has a promise of a life filled with beauty, love, peace, abundance, harmony, joy, and living in full expression of our true self. The opposite of that is a life of oppression, control, restrictions, […]

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We The People… We are powerful sovereign beings. We don’t have to live like slaves catering to those in government and others with an agenda, who wish to break us down in health, financially, and mentally. It’s time to evolve beyond fear, bring back the lost parts of ourselves, come back into wholeness and re-connect […]

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